Sunday 21st January 2024

Cavers - Stuart, Andy, Dani & Robin

This cave was the only realistic option on the day given the amount of rain and the forecast in the afternoon. So after breakfast we headed up to Bull Pot Farm and prepared for a straight forward trip with a little SRT in the entrance and the first pitch. We were followed by a guide and his paying guests, let’s just say we weren’t impressed with the guide’s attitude or practices but once beyond the pitches we didn’t see them for a while.

The trip was to be a quick SRT trip to practice Dani’s rope work. The first two pitches were rigged and descended but then it was starting to get wet so we turned back and ascended the pitches. Once back up we visited Gour Chambers, which proved interesting, it’s a very tight climb to get there. The initial slither down and crawl was done by all but despite Andy’s best efforts he just couldn’t get up the climb, his chest proving just beyond the width of the squeeze.

Dani on the climb up to Gour Chamber
One of the pools in Gour Chamber

Once we‘d crawled our way out we headed for the exit. Andy and I took some photos of the open pot waterfall which was now larger than when we came in.

The path down to the pot from the farm was now flooded, it had been dry in the morning.

A short but successful trip despite foul conditions.