Morley Potholing Club came into existence in 1988 when a group of friends from the Morley area, who were all keen on caving, decided to pool their resources to buy equipment. The first field trip was a camping/caving weekend to How Stean Gorge in Nidderdale on 17/18th September.

The next step was to form a club and encourage new members to join and the inaugural meeting of the MPC was held on 23rd October 1988. From the 9 friends who met together and formed the club, within just over a year the club had grown to 18 members.  

The first motley crew

Over the years membership increased and is usually around the high 20's, with a high proportion of active cavers. In addition to caving, club members participate in many other outdoor activities, including climbing, walking, backpacking, cycling, photography (above and below ground).

The early history of the club can be told through some of the first primitive news letters. Unfortunately some have gone missing but most have been recovered and restored and versions are available for viewing. In addition a few of the more interesting and entertaining meets reports have also been reproduced and can be found here. Some involve a few scrapes that we have got into, some offer humour at our expense whilst others we thought were simply interesting.