The early history of the club can be told through some of the first primitive news letters. A few have gone missing but most have been recovered and restored and are available. Below are just a few for historic interest


Newsletter No. 13

On the 28thJuly, Morley Potholing Club will carry a commemorative mug on a relay through 3 of Yorkshire’s finest potholes, namely Pippikin (grade4/5), Swinstow (grade 4) and Calf Holes (grade 2). It is anticipated that 270 vertical metres (890 ft) will be scaled, keeping the mug in one piece.


Arrangements have been made with the proprietors to do breakfasts and the like but they will need to know approximate numbers so can anyone wishing to eat PLEASE LET DAVE KNOW BEFORE SATURDAY


The first ever MPC pissup will be held on the above date at Jill’s (address above). If you want to congregate at the same pub beforehand, call in at Jill’s anytime after 8.00pm to agree a venue (2/3rds majority required)


Three caves are on the agenda for the weekend, which between them offer a good opportunity for the uninitiated to become 'blooded' (only figuratively speaking) but are also varied in complexity, giving an interesting trip for all comers.